deconstructing the obvious

You’re tired, smelly and desolate. Your stale sandwich, made from leftover cheese and tomatoes from a hostel has never tasted better. You give your unkempt travel-beard a nice scratch, each stroke redefining your existential view on society and meaning of life. And yet at the back of your mind lies a persistent reminder to sort out the logistical nightmare of getting to your next city 1000 kms away. You’ve got the shivers of a crack-fiending Toronto mayor and the heroin craving of Trainspotting lead character for an internet connection in a foreign country.

Yup, sounds about right. All the signs of a long-term backpacker. You’ll do anything for a signal, leading you to search for your ‘high’ the most unlikely of places. What’s this? An ancient basilica, perfectly restored and magnificently preserved for public access? Sure, why not. You walk inside, stunned by its divine beauty. You submit completely to your senses, admiring every detail, only to be rudely awakened by an intrusive impulse: “does this church get wifi?”


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